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Howdy all, the name's Daveā€¦
Please excuse me while I attempt to get the hang of all this. I've been collecting off and on for some time now, but I'm new here hoping to broaden my understanding of awards and the like of various origins. Most of what I have gathered thus far centers around the Third Reich, and even though I know it's not advised (especially for new collectors) to acquire items of opportunity as they pop up at auctions, junk, stores, antique stores etc., I none the less have taken too many chances over the years putting my grasp as to originality to the test. Thankfully, thus far, I havnt been burned too badly since when taking said risks, not a great deal of money has ever been on the line, and the time I've taken to learn the details from various sources has minimized exposure. In that spirit, I'm looking forward to expanding my grasp on various categories of awards while contributing what I can, when I can. Here is a picture of some of my medals and badges soon after picking up some new display cases, so excuse the chaos.