E-Boat Badge - Authentic

Started by TrojanHorse


Good Afternoon Everyone,

I am not a Third Reich collector however I got this E-Boat badge in an exchange sometime ago. Can anyone shed light on its authenticity? I have seen comments suggesting both authentic as well as post war. Thank you in advance,



Let me try and be a bit more helpful that olde jimbob. There is a crazy Swiss collector, goes by the acronym MMJ, or by Alpenpepe, you can find him on Archive.org on on Bitchute… he makes videos exposing the fraudsters in the Third Reich Militaria hobby, exposing fakes, examining genuine items, and telling you why. Much better than "some say yay some say nay"-hey?
As far as we know, he made two detailed videos, exposing these fantasy supposed French-made Nazi awards as, and I quote; Horrible cast pieces of old man poop.
Here is a link to the video he/she/it made about the item you have posted in this thread:



It is bacqueville maker. these badges are very controversial. My personal opinion is that these badges are authentic but the value is low due to doubts.