Purple Heart not engraved

Started by Tim2f4u


Hey everyone!

I am a starter collector of medals (era ww1 - Interbellum - ww2).
i have this purple heart and I`d like to know if it's real.
I 've spend a lot of money on the medal, and others, but I'm not so certain anymore since I saw that the brooch was added later.
Thanks in advance.

ps: I'm from Belgium so excuse my bad english.



Hello, a good place to start is holding a UV-light on that piece of ribbon. If it shines it's probably made after the war since synthetic fiber was only beginning to be produced then. Detail looks good to me so that's also a good sign but i'm no expert in US medals.

Ps: i'm from Belgium too!




It looks good to me. There are so many purple hearts out there, especially from 1960s and onwards. Usually the engravings are what are faked. What you have here, being not engraved or numbered is very likley good, just unissued. I have found this site helpful in the past: http://www.medalmulisha.com/purple-heart-guide.html to id the maker and time period.

Gotcha009 - great advice about blacklighting. I did read the article that is on here about The Black Light Test, very interesting (but I do still think it's reliable in this case!).




Tim, also check the broach listing in the above noted guide as it can also tell tales…..could be a modern piece with a proper broach…still a good piece by appearance of pics…