Dating French Legion of Honor and Order of St. Louis Medals

Started by NewFound_Treasures


I am trying to individually date this collection of medals in order to list them for sale on behalf of a client. The collection is accompanied by an oil painting portrait of a young officer(?) to whom these medals supposedly belonged. According to my client, the young officer was an ancestor/relative of her late husband, and the whole collection came down through his family. I was also told the ribbons are not original. The following posts show a detailed obverse and reverse of each medal.



I think that Medal 1 is a Type VI but I don't know if it's a officer or knight based off the picture. I used this page you might figure it out better

Medal 2 looks like its either a Type III or a Type IV. Could be pieced together. Unsure.

Medal 3 is definitely a Type IV.

Medal 4 is an Order of Saint Louis

Medal 5 is another Type VI.

Hope this helps you and your client @ NewFound_Treasures