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Started by Ladvanszki
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Hi everyone,
Who wears this badge and what 's the price in your opinion? I'm a starter and I would like to collect the badges and medals of Austro-Hungarian Army.
Sizes:65 x 49 mm

Germany 2017971 960 720


The city of Komaron is situated in northern Hungary, at the border (the Danube river) to Slovakia. On the other side of the river lies the sister city Komarno, which to this day is inhabitated mostly by members of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia. It is an old fortress city, in fact, it used to be the largest fortress of the Austro-Hungarian empire. It played its biggest role during the wars against the Turks in the 16th century.
I couldn't find much about the Artillerie-Laboratorium, but I gather they built and tested artillery weapons there.
I can't give you a price point on this badge, sorry, but I hope I was able to help a bit!