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Gold "Hammer and Sickle" Medal of Hero of Socialist Labor, Type 2 Var. 1, #4229. The medallion is in 23 K gold; the suspension is in gilded silver. The golden medallion measures 33.6 mm in height (incl. eyelet), 32.2 mm in width; weighs 14.6 grams not including the suspension and connecting link. Features serial number stamped in the lower portion of the medallion.

The medal is in very fine to excellent condition - far better than the average for a Soviet Hero award made of relatively soft 23 K gold. The hammer & sickle emblem and the facets of the star are beautifully smooth, with only a few minor contact marks and dings. The ridges are extremely crisp. There is a single tiny scrape and bump to the underside of the upper right arm, barely noticeable from the obverse and not too detractive. The stippling on the reverse is essentially pristine; there are none of the usual knocks to the raised edge, only a couple of microscopic dings.

Order of Lenin, Type 4, Variation 2, #106335. The medallion is in solid 23 K gold and platinum; measures 45.1 mm in height (incl. eyelet), 38.4 mm in width; weighs 32.9 grams not including the suspension and connecting link.

The Order of Lenin is in very fine to excellent condition. Careful examination reveals a few small surface flakes on the lower fold of the banner along its upper edge. They however do not penetrate to surface, not easy to notice without a magnifying glass, and definitely not visually detractive. The enamel is perfect otherwise and retains magnificent luster throughout. The platinum bas-relief and golden wreath show no wear visible to the naked eye. The reverse has a couple of tiny scuffs but no major wear of any kind. Note a darker area near the eyelet, a typical patina acquired as a result of contact with the silver connecting link. The rivets are perfectly tight.

Comes on original suspension device, a two-layer model is steel. The perfectly preserved ribbon is old, probably original to the order. The connecting link appears to be original as well, and its ends are still joined with solder.

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