Thailand Order of the White Elephant (English Made) Early Type 1873 Siamese Breast Star by JW Benson London 1st or 2nd Class Star with or without set and said Specified Variant could also either be unmarked by maker เครื่องราชอิสริยาภรณ์ช้างเผือก ordre de l'éléphant blanc de la maison benson Weißer Elefantenorden






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Dear Collecting Community,

I am interested in the acquisition of this specified insignia of the antique 1873-1941 variant of the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant of the Kingdom of Siam/Thailand Early Type Breast Star made by English maker JW Benson in good condition 1st or 2nd Class Maha Varabhorn and in the variant with two red bird like decorations on the blue enameled background of the central medallion that flanked the spirals of the crown which could either be marked or unmarked with the maker’s mark. I would like to buy it as a private sale and pay by PayPal if possible. If you have it or happen to know of anyone who might have it, please feel free to contact me or relay its whereabouts to me and please help spread the word. Please feel free to offer it to me so that we can work out the price as I can try to accommodate the amount you asked. I am willing to reconsider my price if it is offered in a set. I am open to all negotiations and all ranges of price offerings. I hope for any assistance towards fulfilling this quest for the acquisition of this medal into my collection.

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