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  • M0231-34  Canada. A Royal Canadian Regiment Forage Cap


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    Canada. 14 Leader Lane, Toronto. Canada. 1202 University Street, Montreal. Canada. Craig Street, Montreal. Canada. 2090 Rue Moreau, Montreal.
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    W.M. Scully was the first firm to produce regulation headdresses and badges in Canada.


The company was founded in 1877 in Toronto by William Scully, a British manufacturers Canadian representative. The company originally started off as a military outfitter and acted as an agent for British manufactures of badges, uniform headwear, buttons, embroidery and gold lace. Realizing the potential of producing such goods in Canada he inquired with the Ministry of Militia and Defence in March 1905 about moving production to Canada. Sir Frederick Borden supported Scully's proposal and Scully traveled to England to obtain the equipment, skilled labour and raw materials necessary to establish a factory in Toronto.

In 1908, W.M. Scully Ltd. moved to University Street in Montreal. Founder W.M. Scully died in 1921 and his son, William Gladstone Scully took over as company president. William Gladstone served as captain with the Third Montreal Field Battery prior to the outbreak of World War I. He was promoted to Major during overseas service. William Gladstone Scully died in 1946 and his brother, Vincent Gladstone Scully, took over as president of the company. Vincent Gladstone Scully joined the Royal Montreal Regiment and later the Victoria Rifles during the Second World War. He left the Victoria Rifles in attempt to join the Royal Canadian Air Force, but was denied overseas service.

In 1955, Haile Selaisse, the Emperor of Ethiopia, had a uniform tailored by the company. In 1958 the company moved to Craig Street and then in 1968 it moved to its current location on Moreau Street. In 1984, William Scully Ltd. acquired J.R. Gaunt (Canada). Vincent Gladstone Scully died on January 10, 2011. Today the company president is Will Scully, who began working at the firm in 2001.

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