Medal for Bravery in the Field, in Gold (1809-)

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  • Gold Medal (1809-) Obverse


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    May 28, 1789


Instituted by King Gustavus III, this Medal was initially conferred upon soldiers and Non-Commissioned Officers who displayed acts of valour while in combat.

In May 1808, King Charles XIII expanded the Medal, and instituted a Gold class. The Gold class was conferred to Officers who had displayed acts of valour during the Russo-Swedish War of 1788–90.

This Medal was instituted simultaneously with the Medal for Bravery at Sea (See Swedish Medals & Decorations SWE101 for more information), and throughout the years both medals have underwent the same changes.

Throughout the years of the Medal’s existence, the Medal underwent a number of changes, including the design of the ribbon.

At the medal’s institution the obverse design consisted of the royal portrait of King Gustavus III. Throughout the years 1804-1809, the obverse design consisted of the the royal cypher of King Gustavus IV. Following 1809, the obverse design was changed by King Carl XIII, to a design similar to that of the Medal of the Order of the Sword (See Orders NOR*** for more information).

The reverse design of the medal was consistent throughout the design amendments.

Initially the ribbon consisted of a plain blue design, it was later changed to a yellow ribbon that had blue stripes, and again, amended in 1819 once again to an equally half blue half yellow ribbon.

Following 1900, the medal was surmounted with a royal crown.

The Medal was conferred last in 1915 to Officers that had rendered services in Persia with the army of Shah.


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