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The DAF (Deutsche Arbeitsfront = German Labour Front) was the result of a forced association of all German trade unions, established on May 10, 1933. Its purpose was the coordination and control of all aspects of German labour to serve the interests of the NSDAP. The DAF leader was Reichsleiter Robert Ley.

The NSBO (Nationalsozialistische Betriebszellenorganisation = National Socialist Factory Cell Organisation) was a labour union organisation founded by NSDAP members in 1928. It started out local and mainly Berlin-based, but eventually grew into a nationwide organisation by 1931. However, the DAF was seen as better capable to carry out the will of the NSDAP leadership. This resulted in the decline of the NSBO after the DAF’s establishment in 1933 and concluded in the eventual absorption of the NSBO into the DAF by 1935.

Members of the NSBO who were also NSDAP (political party) members wore the regular NSDAP membership armband. However, those NSBO members that were not also NSDAP members wore an NSBO membership armband. It is red with a white circle, with a black NSBO emblem in the centre, in the form of a right hand holding a hammer with a static swastika, superimposed over a section of cogwheel with the letters "NSBO" on it.


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NSBO Armband

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