Can you identify these for me?

Started by MillionElephants


I recently purchased a lot of miniature medals from a local auction, but unfortunately they had very little information as to what they were. I have included photos.
Can you please help me identify them?

Kind regards.

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Does the mini with the curtain perhaps have a Russian connection? There are several orders, (ex. st. Vladimir) that have a similar theatre curtain and crown design. Just a thought!



the star with black ribbon is ordre of the polar star of Norway




You're right Jerome, though I think officially it's the Order of the North Star (Mongolia has the Order of the Polar Star). It's strange that MillionElephant's example has rays and enamelled black stars in the embellishment between the arms of the cross, rather than the usual crown/coronet, as in your picture, Jerome. I wonder if it is an 'unofficial' version and these have been added to show it's a higher-rank award, such as the Grand Cross? Peter.