Gerhard Carl Zell


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    Carl Zell
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    Gerhard Carl Zell is known for producing the Royal Guelphic Order Knight Grand Cross Collar.


Gerhard Carl Zell was born in 1807 in Hannover and was the eldest son of Johann Peter Friedrich Zell. Gerhard Carl Zell completed his apprenticeship in goldsmithing in 1832 and became a master within the same year. In 1833, he was listed in Hannover's directory as a “jeweler, gold and silver worker and appraiser". The following year he was listed as the Court Jeweler. Zell trained several apprentices, some notable ones being Eduard Petri, Ernst Wilhelm Dehlke and Friedrich Carl Büsch. Some of his apprentices went on to run the business after Zell's death, but the family maintained ownership until 1943.

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