Hancocks & Co.


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    London. Bond & Burton ; Vigo Street ; Burlington Gardens ; 52 & 53 Burlington Arcade
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    The sole manufacturer of the Victoria Cross.


Hancocks & Co. was established by Charles Frederick Hancock (formerly of Storr & Mortimer) in 1849. The firm was originally located on the corner of New Bond and Burton Street.

This firm is primarily known as the sole manufacturer for the Victoria Cross, Britain's highest military decoration for gallantry. This honour was bestowed on the firm by Queen Victoria in 1856.

In the 1870s, C.F Hancock retired, leaving the company to his two sons and his business partners. They changed their location in 1917 to Vigo Street, and again in 1970 to the Burlington Gardens

Presently, the firm is under the management of Mr. Stephen Burton and is located in the historic Burlington Arcade.

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