Mauquoy, Antwerp


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    Belgium. Antwerp.
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    The company is currently active.


Maarten Mauquoy established an engraving workshop in Antwerp in 1875. His sons, Alphonse and Hubert, joined him and the growth of the business created a need to move to Sint-Jacobsmarkt in Antwerp. Hubert died during World War Two and Alphonse became a sculptor, rather than following in his father’s footsteps. As a result, Edmond Tramaux, an engraver from Paris, joined the business and the name became Mauquoy-Tramaux. Alphonse died in 1954 and Alfred Jansen joined the business three years later in 1957. Edmond Tramaux died a year after Alfred Jansen’s arrival and Tramaux’s widow and daughter ran the business alongside Alfred Jansen. Jansen gained full ownership of the business in 1962.

The company moved to various locations in Antwerp until a building in Grobbendonk was purchased in 1972. Jansen’s three sons, Chris, Michel and Jan, helped develop the company into a modern, technologically advanced engraving workshop. In 1992, Alfred Jansen left the company and his sons continued the business. In 1996, the company was reorganized into three separate companies: Mauquoy Medal Company, Mauquoy Engraving Company and Mauquoy Token Company.

In 2000, Chris and Jan Jansen moved the Mauquoy Token Company to Olen. That same year, Graveur Delmotte became a part of the Mauquoy Engraving Company. In 2001, the Mauquoy Medal Company took over the medal workshop, Chaubet. In 2006, Poortman became part of the Mauquoy Group. A year later, Mauquoy took over Graveur Beerts. Mauquoy gained a 50% participating interest in P. De Greef Medailles in Brussels in 2008. In 2011, the company took over Bonne & Verbeke in Sint-Niklaas and Kariz in Menen. In the present day, Mauquoy is still active.

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