Moritz Elimeyer


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    He also made high-quality medals, such as the Royal Saxon Order of Albrecht with diamonds or the Royal Saxon Military Order of St. Henry with diamonds.


Moritz Elimeyer was born on June 17, 1810 in Dresden, Germany into a Jewish-German family. His family was already respected in the jewelry and goldsmith industry, as his grandfather already worked as a court factor at the Saxon royal court. Elimeyer applied for the title of royal court jeweler after the death of the court jeweler Ignaz Conrad Plödterl. Several other craftsmen protested Elimeyer's application because of his Jewish background, but he was granted the title in 1836 as he had hired the Dresden goldsmith Eckert to work at his firm. Elimeyer did not personally hold a master craftsman's certificate because a royal decree permitted Jewish people from holding one. In 1836, Moritz Elimeyer was first listed in the Dresden address book as a royal court jeweler.

In 1841, his jewelry shop was completed at 1 Jüdenhof. From 1847, Elimeyer was listed in the address book as a court jeweler to the royal Saxon court, royal court jeweler of the Queen of England and ducal Saxon-Coburg-Gotha crown jeweler. Elimeyer remained purveyor to all three of the courts until his death on May 3, 1871. Elimeyer was known for producing the Royal Saxon Order of Albrecht with diamonds and the Royal Saxon Military Order of St. Henry with diamonds, along with silver work. His mark on smaller items was "M.E.". In 1910, a goldsmith acquired the business.

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