Paul Stopin



  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    France. 229, 230 and 231 Peristyle Montpensier (Palais Royal). France. 6, rue Montpensier, Paris.
  • Other Names
    Paul Stopin et A. Dupetitbosq; Paul Stopin & A. Dupetitbosq; Dupetitbosq
  • Known For
    This firm is known for manufacturing The Most Noble Order of the Garter Silver Breast Star, Papal Order of Christ, Grand Cross set of the Portuguese Order of Christ, Spanish and Turkish orders.


Paul Stopin was born on October 20, 1818 in Clermont-Ferrad. He originally became a hatter at Palais Royal in Paris and later would make orders and medals. He died May 25, 1878 and was succeeded by A. Dupetitbosq. There is little known information on A. Dupetitbosq.

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