Tiffany & Co.


  • Tiffany Mark on American Pilot's Badge, c. 1918
  • Tiffany Mark on New York Long Service Badge


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  • Locations
    Manhattan, New York; Worldwide Stores
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  • Status
  • Known For
    American Wings, Badges, Navy Medal of Honor ("Tiffany Cross").


Established in 1837 as Tiffany, Young and Ellis, this company is still a very well known American luxury and jewelry retailer.

At first, located at 259 Broadway in Lower Manhattan, in 1838, the company initally sold stationary items. In 1853, the name changed to Tiffany & Company when Charles Tiffany took over and placed the emphasis on jewelry.

During the Civil War, Tiffany supplied the Union Army with swords, flags and surgical instruments. In 1868, the company was incorporated. Following the death of Charles Louis Tiffany in 1902, his son Louis Comfort Tiffany became the company's first offical design director. In 1905, the flagship store was reloacted to the corner of 37th and Fifth avenue.

In 1919, Tiffany made a revision to the Medal of Honor for the United States Department of the Navy, called the "Tiffany Cross." This version was only awarded for combat and is therefore quite rare. While a non-combat version was established in 1942, it was eliminated in August of the same year.

Over the years, this company has collaborated with many others to create luxury items, and it has been sold and resold several times.

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