Military Order of Zolfagher (Ḏu’l-faqār), II Class

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  • Military Order of Zolfagher (Ḏu’l-faqār), II Class
  • Military Order of Zolfagher (Ḏu’l-faqār), II Class Reverse


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    May 10, 1925


The Military Order of Zolfagher, or Ḏu’l-faqār, was established by Reza Shah the Great in 1925 to replace the Qajar Order of Ali. The Order of Zolfagher was created as Persia's highest military honour and was originally awarded to Officers and enlisted personnel for demonstrations of gallantry or exceptional courage in action. Personnel who were injured or killed while in the line of duty were also eligible for the award. After the institution of the Order of Sepah, the Order of Zolfagher was only rewarded for service in foreign wars.

The Order is named after Ali's sword and may also be known as the Order of the Scimitar.

The II Class features Persian script for "Reshadat" and translates to "Valour."

It is believed that the Order was awarded in 3 Classes. A special class which features a breast star and sash badge is also believed to have been instituted and worn only by Muhammad Reza Shah himself after his survival of an attempted assassination in 1949. It is uncertain if the special class was instituted as a subsequent class, or if it was conferred as the I Class. More research is needed.

The II Class is thought to be worn from a neck ribbon.

There may be additional classes and medals associated with the Order, but more information is needed.

There may be additional versions which differ by design and composition.


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