Order of the Portrait (Temṯāl-e homāyūn), Decoration

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The Order of the Portrait (Temṯāl-e homāyūn), also known as the Decoration of the Imperial Portrait, was instituted by Nasir ud-Din Shah by Firman in 1856. The Order was modelled after the 1832 Ottoman Order of the Imperial Portrait and was the highest decoration for available for servants of the state, being awarded to high ranking officials and dignitaries. The award became obsolete following the dissolution of the Qajar dynasty in 1925.

It is believed that the Order was issued in 2 classes, however, a 3rd Class may also exist. More research is needed.

The I Class was presented to the Second Person of the State, or, the prime minister, while the II Class was awarded to other recipients.

The Badge features a portrait of Nasir ud-Din Shah on the obverse.

Recipients of the Order are authorized to use the title "Sardar-i-Humayun."

The Order was conferred on Queen Victoria during the first state visit to Britain in 1873. Queen Victoria is the only female recipient of the Imperial Portrait.

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