Ushakov Medal

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  • Ushakov Medal, in Silver
  • Ushakov Medal, in Silver Reverse
  • Ushakov Medal, in Silver
  • Ushakov Medal, in Silver Reverse


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    March 3, 1944
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The Ushakov Medal was established on March 4, 1944. This medal was conferred upon soldiers, sailors, petty officers, non-commissioned officers, chief petty officers, and warrant officers of the Navy and the Naval Border Guard in recognition of defending the Homeland while at sea. More specifically, the Statutes state the medal could be conferred for personal courage and bravery displayed in naval combat with enemies; in the defense of the state naval boundary; in the execution of a navy or naval border guard's ship or unit's combat mission; in the performance of military duty in conditions involving risk of life.

The medal is composed of silver and is worn on a five sided suspension. The medal consists of three pieces, measuring 36mm in diameter. It has a V-shaped silver chain which lays over the ribbon. The point of the v is attached to the ring connected to the medal's integral loop. The anchor on the reverse is made from a separate piece and is very neatly soldered to the medal. The serial number is stamped on the reverse, on the right side of the anchor. The serial numbers range from roughly 1-15000.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "Admiral Ushakov".

The easiest way to determine a fake is to not whether the anchor is made from two pieces. Like most medals, fakes also provide less detail and a fake patina.


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Ushakov Medal

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    Obv: адмирал Ушаков

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    Monetny Dvor, Lenningrad

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