Order of Victory, Star Medal

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  • Order of Victory Star Medal Obverse


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    November 8, 1943
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    As Soviet awards are numbered and come with a booklet stating these award numbers in it - it is possible to determine who received the award. Therefore, the value of each specific higher grade award depends on service record, actions for which award is received, and branch of the Armed Forces.


The Order of Victory was established on November 8, 1943. This was the highest military decoration for service during WWII. It was only conferred upon 17 people, being 11 Marshals, 1 Soviet Army General, and 5 foreigners. The Order comes with an accompanying award documentation booklet. It is conferred upon the highest command level of the Red Army for successfully completing combat operations that result in a favourable situation for the Red Army.

After the death of the recipient, the Order was supposed to be returned to the State; such Orders now reside in museums in Russia.

The Order is very unique and complex. It consists of platinum, gold, silver, enamel, diamonds and synthetic rubies. The central medallion in the center has a godlen relief of the Kremlin's Wall, Lenin's Mausoleum, Spassky Tower, and a reath of leaves over a light blue field of enamel. The decoration contains a total of 174 diamonds, or 16 carats.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "Victory." It is worn on the left breast and 12-14cm above the belt.


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    Platinum/Gold/Silver/Enamelled/Diamonds/Synthetic Rubies

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    Obv: победа CCCP

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