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kathmandu posted on MedalMarket
Nazi German Sudetenland Commemorative Award Medal
Luik posted on MedalMarket
Latvian 10th Independence Anniversary Medal 1918-28 with swords
ANTIGUO_MEXICO posted on MedalMarket
Mexican, Cerro Borrego Medal, French Expedition in Mexico
Pierrefonds commented on Decoration of Bordeaux, Gold Medal
Not really sure with the estimated price ! Moreover this medal was not given to the citizens of Bordeaux, but to the clandestine royal guard which was organized against french empire before its fall. A few officials of Bordeaux and british army were also honoured. Nevertheless, only 1300 were distributed, and most of these were destructed during the revolutionnary days of 1830. Experts assess only 100/200 could remain. If you want one in gold and normal-sized (32x21mm), the value in french auction rooms is between 2000 and 3000$. Thanks for this excellent website, and will be happy to share a photo of my « décoration du brassard de Bordeaux » if you need one to illustrate the page of this really really rare medal.
BlackWolf posted on MedalMarket on Veteran of Labour Medal
Medal Veteran of Labour

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