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g1usxs posted on MedalMarket on Order of the Lion and Sun, Type I, Collar
Collar of order of Lion and Sun
g1usxs posted on MedalMarket on Order of the Sun, I Class Grand Cordon
Order of sun
wolf posted on MedalMarket
Adolf Hitler 50th Birthday Braunau Plaque
Ford201 posted on MedalMarket on Order of Ismail, Commander
Order of Ismail commander
Parteiabzeichen_Archive commented on NSDAP Silver Party Badge
Do you mean the same Weitze that bought a pair of fake Golden Party Badges at Wormser Aktionshaus in late August this year - 6 weeks ago! described by the auction house as not genuine - for 1900 Euros, and then promptly listed them on their site, for 3000.- Or did you mean someone else, someone, reliable?
alexandra commented
How great is this!
Parteiabzeichen_Archive commented on NSDAP Golden Party Badge, for Foreigners
These have been exposed as fantasy badges in the THE PARTY BADGE book. In fact, the last chapter of that book is dedicated to these. The Party Badge book was published in 2013 by B&D Publishing, owned and run by Dietrich Maerz. FACT: eMedals uses Dietrich Maerz to write CoAs for some of their expensive items, like the $112`000 Cross here → eMedals go so far as to include his name into the description! This means that eMedals has a great relationship with B&D publishing, isn’t it? This means that it would be the easiest thing to pick up the blower, and give them a call, let them know that the author of that book has been discredited, isn’t it? I am sure he would want to know so he could write a short article about it in the next IMC magazine. I would, if I published a book by someone under my name, and it was discovering later that the book was not accurate, I would definitely want to know. I would, however, not listen to soymilk-chuggers screaming and claiming, I would of course want to know exactly what part is wrong and why. Good luck with that. This is so sad, it really is, you people here at Medalbook have a great opportunity to do something really good and helpful with this new site. I can't for the life of me understand why you would just want to fill page upon page with nonsense, with stuff that has been debunked and exposed as fake long ago, and exposed in detail.

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