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    This miniature is composed of Silver.


The Royal Patriotic Society Medal is conferred to individuals who have rendered service to the advancement of society, rendered long service to the society of Sweden, and to those who have rendered service to charity.

There is a large variation of medals associated with the Royal Patriotic Society. Some examples of the medals have a reverse inscription describing what the medal was awarded for, and other medals are composed of different obverse and reverse designs.

The reverse of the medal may be engraved with the recipients name.

The variations of these medals may be a result of each medal possibly being their own entity.

Additionally, recipients who are eligible for this Medal have the option to choose either the actual Medal, a watch, or for women, a gold or silver bracelet with a charm that is a miniature version of the Medal, as their reward for their actions.

The ribbon of the medals are half yellow and half green, a symbolization of hay and grass, and the agriculture of Sweden.

When conferred upon women, this Medal is worn on a bow ribbon.

Another medal that is associated with the Royal Patriotic Society is the Emmery Medal (See Medals & Decorations SWE107 for more information).


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