Blood Order, Type II


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  • Blood Order, Type II Obverse
  • Blood Order, Type II Obverse
  • Blood Order, Type II Obverse
  • Blood Order, Type II Reverse
  • Blood Order, Type II Reverse
  • Blood Order, Type II Reverse

Estimated market value:

$7,500 USD


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In silver, marked 800, officially numbered 3701 (Second Issue), measuring 40.4mm (w), 44.9mm (h), and weighing 22.6 grams, exhibiting a pleasing amount of wear from period use, extremely fine.

Footnote: A Decoration in Memory of 9 November 1923, the so called Blood Order medal. The second model was awarded to distinguished members of the NSDAP who were not part of the original 1500 recipients who participated in the Beer Hall Putsch, but were awarded for other services to the party, for example spending time in prison as an NSDAP member before 1933.


The Order was founded in 1934 by the Nazi Regime and was originally conferred upon Party members who participated in Hitler's failed Beer Hall Putsch in Munich on November 9, 1923.

The First issue of the Decoration was awarded to 1500 participants of the putsch who had been members of the party or one of its organizations since before January 1932, or to cadets of the Munich Infantry School who had marched in support of the Nazis in Ludendorff.

All medals feature a unique serial number, which was associated with the medal recipient.

This Order was also known as the Honour Badge of 9. November 1923.

The Type II medals were established In 1938, when the Order was extended to include a wider range of recipients, including: Individuals who served time in prison for Nazi related activities before 1933, individuals who received a death sentence that was later converted to life imprisonment for Nazi related activities before 1933, and individuals wounded in service to the Nazi Party before 1933.

Later, the Order was also extended to include members of the Austrian Nazi Party who participated in the February Uprising in 1943, or the July Putsch of 1934.

The medal was also conferred posthumously upon all members of the Party who were killed while furthering the Nazi cause, or who had been executed.

These medals feature serial numbers above 1500, but do not feature the maker`s mark J. FUESS MÜNCHEN.

The inscription on reverse reads, ‘UND IHR HABT DOCH GESIEGT,’ which translates to, “...and you triumphed nevertheless!”


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