J.M.J Van Wielik



  • Country of Origin
  • Locations
    The Hague
  • Institution Date
  • Status
    Closed 2018
  • Known For
    Dutch medals and awards.


Van Wielik is the Dutch court and national supplier of medals awards and decorations for the Netherlands. The company was founded by Johannes van Wielik, a watchmaker, in 1841. During that year he moved to Noordeinde in The Hague, and took over the watch business of the late Henri Louis Jeannet. He bought another space in 1866 that consisted of a shop, studio and storage area. In 1871 a well known watchmaker Hendrikus Beusekamp came to live and work with him. Beusekamp married an in-law cousin of van Wielik.

van Wielike died in May of 1881, however the company was continued by his widow, Louisa Schrueder, and Hendrikus Beusekamp. They retitled the company "Firma JMJ van Wielik" and it was around the same time that the firm began making orders and awards.

The firm held numerous Royal Warrants:
1857 - Watchmaker of Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands
1877 - Watchmaker of His Royal Highness Prince Alexander
1891 - Royal Warrant Holder of Her Majesty Queen Regent Emma
1928 - Purveyor to the Royal Highness Prince Hendrik
1953 - Royal Warrant Holder of Queen Juliana

Following the death of Beusekamp in 1967, the directors of the company were GJ Holtrust, his son N. Holtrust and H. Boschen. The ceased making watches in 1986, and only awards have been made since then. In 1996, the company moved to a private building at Kneuterdijk number 2b. It officially closed in June of 2018.

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