Rijksmunt, Utrecht


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  • Institution Date
    September 17, 1806
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  • Other Names
    Dutch Royal Mint


The Royal Dutch Mint (Koninklijke Nederlandse Munt) is based in Utrecht and is owned by the Dutch state. Since 1807, it is the only entity allowed to created and issue coins.

When the Netherlands were ruled by King Louis Napoleon, he implemented a single national body to strike and distribute coins. Following the defeat of Napoleon in 1813, the Kingdom of the Netherlands was founded by William I and the Mint was renamed as 'S Rijks Munt. At that time, Belgium was included in the new Kingdom and a second mint was located Brussels. However, Belgium became independent in 1839, leaving the Rijks Munt to be the only mint in the Netherlands.

In 1901, the company fell under supervision of the Ministry of Finance, and by 1912 it was officially owned by the State. During the second world war, Dutch coins were produced in the United States to ensure that there would be enough currency following liberation.

In 1994, 's Rijks Munt was renamed as De Nederlandse Munt NV, a company whose shared are entirely owned by the Dutch state. The Queen allowed for the prefix Koninklijk (Royal) in 1999, meaning the company could be referred to as 'The Royal Dutch Mint.'

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