Liberation of Belgrade Medal (Variation I)


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  • Liberation of Belgrade Brass Medal (Variation I) Obverse
  • Liberation of Belgrade Brass Medal (Variation I) Obverse
  • Liberation of Belgrade Brass Medal (Variation I) Reverse
  • Liberation of Belgrade Brass Medal (Variation I) Reverse

Estimated market value:

$200 USD


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    Obv: Освобождение Белграда Rev: 20 октября 1944
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Physical Description and Item Details

In brass, 32 mm, original ribbon, mounted to a five-sided magnetic metal suspension with pinback, discolouration evident on the reverse, contact marks, better than fine.


The Liberation of Belgrade Medal was established on June 9, 1945. This medal was conferred upon those who participated in the liberation of Belgrade, Yugoslavia. This medal was awarded roughly 70,000 times. When the dictator of Yugolsavia, I.B Tito broke ties with the Soviet Union, awardees was supposed to be exchanged for the Medal for Combat Service, making Liberation of Belgrade Medal the rarest of the Liberation Medals.

The medal is composed of brass and has two variations.

Variation I has the date 20 October 1944 on the reverse. This is the correct date/medal.

Variation II has the date 13 February 1945. This date belongs to the Capture of Budapest Medal and is a mint mistake.

The obverse Russian inscription translates to: "Liberation Belgrade".


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